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Mobile Equipment

Quite honestly, you can buy cheaper products and services. Unfortunately most of the time they work out of garages and back yards without reliable access to service equipment and labor. That's because it is usually subcontracted and rented at the last moment. This is not the case at Howk Systems. We can be depended upon to get the job done. We have a fleet of service type vehicles that can be implemented at a moments notice. Howk has a fleet of special purpose vehicles such as pump boom trucks, back hoes, dump truck, pipe carriers with booms, flat bed boom trucks, portable pumping rigs and more.

Medium duty pump rig, 10 ton   5 yard pump truck & back loader   Light duty pump rig, 5 ton

25 ft. flat bed truck   Medium duty pump rig with flat bed

Medium duty pump crane   light duty pump rig   heavy duty 40 20 ton pump rig

Heavy duty crane    Medium duty cranes   Medium duty cranes



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