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Portion of the Delta Mendota Canal near I-5 in Tracy   

Almond trees abound watered by micro irrigation in Patterson, CAHowk Systems works on small projects as well as large ones for farms and industry. We are a class A general contractor that works on large scale city, county or state jobs, but we also understand the demands of smaller cost sensitive projects such as home or business water pumps and piping.



In the quest for water conservation and improved weed control, there are many types of micro irrigation systems.

Here in the great Central Valley of California are thousands of acres of tree crops. How to irrigate them?
Howk is the answer!

One way to insure particulate separation from water supplies is using advanced technology separators. Amiad is one of them.

Large commercial nurseries can't guess about water supplies... so they employ Howk's advanced technology to obtain, store and distribute irrigation water.

Unusual requirements demand inventive solutions. Here irrigation water is obtained from a river. Howk knows many ways to solve water problems.

Howk understands how to keep water flowing for the most
diverse needs.



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