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Levetrol, Liquid Management Systems

Levetrol Liquid Management Systems, a Howk Systems Company, came into being in 1991 out of the need to control the levels of liquid found in agriculture, municipality and industry. You may request a CD ROM concerning this subject, click here to send an email request. We will gladly mail you our latest CD for viewing at your leisure.

Levetrol is needed whenever a constant, minimum or maximum liquid level is desired such as neighborhood ponding area, municipal storm system, sewage treatment plant, or similar application. Warning devices, remote monitoring systems, automatically actuated valves and other such active systems may be set up to operate with Levetrol. Levetrol monitoring is mostly used for remote locaitons, harsh environments or whenever absolute measurements are critical and is installed and serviced by technical experts from Levetrol and Howk Systems.    

Drinking water, storm water, sewer water or reclaimed water can now be controlled. We have built pumping stations, water treatment plants and automatic level control systems using this unique Levetrol liquid management system. We are ready to bid on any governement job or work on a negotiated basis. We are a licensed Class A General Contractor and can provide quality control on even the most complicated municipal projects from the ground up.

Another positive benefit from the Levetrol Liquid Management System is that it is a fully integrated product totally compatible with other computer monitoring devices that can be used to interface with the system. Whether it is used in an office, industrial or other setting, Levetrol is compatible.

Levetrol Introduction Slideshow

Levetrol level signals are often sent
via radio or microwave back to
the main computer control system.

Vertical view down 25' into a storm
sewer showing Levetrol measuring
device on side wall.



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