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Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week Howk is there. There when you need us to solve your water distribution problems. Call us. We'll be there with the equipment to get you going again. Howk has the technical ability and repair services that is unmatched in local industry. Trained technicians, engineers and staff specialists utilize advanced equipment to trouble shoot and diagnose problems. Whether you have to move well water, drinking water, irrigation water, grey water, sewer water, storm water, contaminated water, reclaimed water or ponding water, Howk is here for your service needs. We repair deficiencies and perform maintenance service at our 4 acre facility or on site. Work is done on major or minor installations. Howk means service.


Machine Shop
A line machinist turns a piece of cold rolled steel for a skid mounted pump.
Howk Systems has a complete advanced machine shop capable of full repair and metal fabrication on any large or small job. Our machinists fabricate in a variety of metals and under a variety of conditions. Howk can design and assemble skid mounted pump and filter assemblies to fit your routine or emergency needs.

Lathe capable of threading 12"pipe.

20" capacity pipe threader

Drill press using milky oil & water to cool cut parts

Automatic band saw

Medium duty pump rig removing agricultural pump & casing


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